Playing with tiles and clay in my father’s studio, studying engineering, exploring the creative freedom of graffiti… It’s all these experiences that actually make the decisions.

André Trafic is a Portuguese urban artist.

André Silva, aka Trafic, is a urban artist born in 1989, in Portugal. Currently based in Lisbon, he immerses himself in a range of mediums, spanning from ceramics to murals.

This contrast between spray painting and the instant results versus the weeks of preparation for a ceramic piece and its final result after several firings, give him a unique versatility and notion of time.

Each work is inspired in the dynamics of human existence in this planet, either between humans or in relation to the space that surrounds them. Amidst his self-exploration and constant experimentation, we can often find connections between industry and nature that nourish dialogues of Harmony into an apparently chaotic world.


  • 2020 What If, group exhibition, 44309 Street Art Gallery- Dortmund(GER)
  • 2020 Exfluence, solo exhibition, Sold Out Gallery- Bochum(GER)
  • 2019 Speicher Pop Up Gallery, group exhibition, Speicher 100- Dortmund(GER)
  • 2018 Tex-Trues, solo exhibition, Dedicated Store Lisboa- Lisboa(PT)
  • 2018 Amor e Caos, solo exhibition, Galeria Imargem- Almada(PT)
  • 2018 Kunst Statt Leerraum 18, group exhibition- Dinslaken(GER)
  • 2018 Amor e Caos, solo exhibition, Galeria Imargem- Almada(PT)
  • 2017 Diálogos, father and son exhibition, C.C Bom Sucesso- Vila Franca de Xira(PT)
  • 2017 Kunst Statt Leerraum 17, group exhibition- Dinslaken(GER)
  • 2017 In.Fame, group exhibition, Curator and Artist, Galeria Municipal- Almada(PT)


  • Penha Longa Resort
  • Schweppes
  • Timberland
  • Observador
  • Galp Energia
  • Iswari Superfoods
  • Câmara Municipal de Almada
  • Câmara Municipal do Seixal


Timberland Commercial Spot for Observador Newspaper:

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